Meet Our Third, And Final, Group of Speakers

Now that you’ve said hello to our second round of speakers, and you’ve you’re fully acquainted with the first 10, it is my pleasure to introduce our final group of presenters.

We’re pulling out all the stops here. This bunch isn’t last because they’re any less good than the first two groups, they’re last because we wanted to save some sizzle for just the right moment!

Without any further ado, I present to you the magnificent seven:

AJ Morris – “Building Awesome in WordPress”
Brennen Byrne – “Employing Best Security Practices For WordPress Sites”
Doug Smith – “Putting the Content in Content Management System”
John James Jacoby – “Q&A with JJJ: Anything and Everything you Wanted to know about bbPress and BuddyPress”
Kurt Hansen – “Are You Nuts? You Want People to Pay You to Create WordPress Websites?”
Lisa Sabin-Wilson – “Scoping Projects – A Therapy Session For Those Who Do Client Work”
Monte Martin – “Optimizing for Business Performance”

Mind blown? Tell a friend and get your tickets!

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2 Responses to Meet Our Third, And Final, Group of Speakers

  1. Tim Nolte says:

    Are you going to publish a schedule for the weekend? I’m interested in bringing my website team but I really need to know what the schedule is for the weekend. Thanks!

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