Say Hello to our Second Round of Speakers!

You’ve already met the first 10, and we still have another group we’re announcing next week, but for today we really want you to focus on these 10 amazing individuals:

Adam Pickering — “The Business of Selling Code in Today’s Crowded Marketplace”
Matt Christensen – “User friendly admin: custom fields, meta boxes, and queries”
Christoph Trappe – “How businesses, nonprofits, bloggers can use WordPress”
Lisa Ghisolf – “A house with no walls: Creating a site structure for tomorrow”
Jake Caputo – “Q&A Panel: Commercial Themes and Plugins”
Chris Klosowski – “Honey, I Shrunk the Logs”
David Veldt — “Making A Living Through A WordPress-Based Business”
Patrick Rauland – “Evaluating E-Commerce Solutions”
Topher DeRosia – “Caching: Absolute Beginner to Wizard”
Gloria Antonelli – “Road Map to Great User Documentation”

Are you getting excited yet?

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